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Hello there this is SadLittlePony of Audio Junkie. I am the founder of this company in which we study and research Binaural Beats. Our goal is to learn how to manipulate Binaurals and turn them into influential music that can make a person feel any way.

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Hello Everyone this is SadLittlePony and I have something to tell you! Some of you may have seen me on the I-Doser forum and that's all fine and dandy, but I want real research data so that I can use that data to build my company and start producing Binaural Music and pushing Binaural Beats into pharmaceutical practice. By now most of you are wondering what a Binaural Beat is right?

Well a Binaural Beat is a tone that is played into your ears via headphones. The tone in each ear ranges anywhere from 1 Hz all the way to 50 Hz, in some cases even higher. What this does is produce a wobble sound that your brain perceives when the two sounds are put together. This wobble sound is a wave generated at the same frequency as the two channels left and right differ.

Your brain functions at these frequencies. It is human tendency to mimic what we hear, see, feel, etc. When a group of people is sitting together and one person starts bouncing their knee other people will start to bounce their knee as well. The same principle applies too. When you hear people singing your instinct is to sing as well. When you listen to a Binaural Beat your brain does the same thing. It will adjust its frequency to meet the frequency it hears.

Using Binaural Beats we can mimic a broad range of emotions and feelings. Binaural beats have been used to replicate the feeling of love, and then they took it further and replicated the feeling of sex and orgasm. They don't stop there, They have replicated various recreational drugs like Marijuana, and Cocaine. Binaurals can even be used as a sleep aid or a stress reliever. Ever want to experience Moloko Plus or Ephemerol? How about Adrenochrome!? Binaurals can replicate those too! Whatever you want, it can be done.

Now if you want to help me on my escapades I need to train you a bit on how to Dose effectively. Dont worry about getting Doses, I'll get there soon. It isn't hard to Dose, just follow my short easy steps and you will be living your wildest fantasies!
* Find a Quiet and Calm place.
* Make sure to make it as Dark as possible.
* Free yourself from Distractions
* Wear Quality Headphones.
* Meditate, Clear your Mind.
* Go to the Bathroom and Eat

Finally you can begin. When you begin dosing you want to clear your mind. I find the easiest way is to control your breath thinking of only your breathing, In and Out. Eventually your breathing becomes second nature once again and while this happens and you forget to control your breath the Dose grips your thoughts. Let it become your thoughts and consume you. Let it fill your mind with intense euphoria and visions. The dose will carry out its mission and land you gently at the end.

By now your wondering if Binaural Beats are safe and if they are legal. The fact is they are completely safe and legal. Lab studies indicate there is no risk of harmful side effects and that there is no risk of seizure. Because you are essentially listening to music and you are not consuming anything to acquire desired effects it is completely legal as well. All your doing is listening to noise.

How about Getting Binaural Beats. As I promised earlier I would show you how to get Binaural Beats. I do not suggest looking on google and getting any old Binaurals because those websites are not backed by years of research. I trust only one brand and though this brand costs money they are kind enough to offer some free doses. Follow this link here to the store page and register. The store will promptly email you a few free doses.

After you register you will also need to download the software to use these doses. The software comes with a few more free doses to get you started. They have both Windows and Mac versions of this software. Make sure to get the version right for your computer. Additionally you can chose to sign up on the forum and get more doses as well.

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